Vision 2025, a look into the future of Osage County

A fantastic project that has gone into effect in Tulsa and the surrounding areas is Vision 2025. Vision 2025 is a great plan chalked out for the development of Tulsa in the coming years by the citizens of the Osage and Tulsa County. The Majority of people voted positively for Vision 2025 showing their contribution for a better environment for the future generations in Tulsa.

The voters of Tulsa County approved a one penny 13 year increase in the Sales Tax. This would be utilized for regional economic development and capital improvements. It is because of this great cause, it is named as “Vision 2025: Foresight for greater Tulsa”. The purpose of Vision 2025 is to develop economic and community infrastructure for future generations. Vision 2025 is being executed by the Tulsa County’s Board of county commissioners. It is evident that a lot of effort and thought has gone behind this project and today the progress of various projects undertaken under Vision 2025 is quite impressive.

There are various propositions that have been mentioned in Vision 2025 and are being executed today. The Boeing incentives, the American Airlines incentive, Economic development, education, health care and events facilities, capital improvements, community enrichment, etc. are placed in four different proposals under Vision 2025. Apart from these, the Arena and convention center project is also being taken up under the Vision 2025. One would be surprised at the rate at which these projects are being completed today. The voters who voted for these proposals are really happy with the speed with which these developmental programs are being taken up and are being executed.

All the programs being undertaken under the Vision 2025 are approved by the citizens through a voting process. This is one very interesting and impressive aspect to show the real democracy of the area. Once approved, the specially appointed Board of County commissioners are executing these programs. There are a few interesting aspects of Vision 2025 which can be discussed as below:

1)     The improvements of the programs undertaken, income and expenditure are informed to the public through a website. This ensures 100% transparency and genuine utilization of funds received.

2)     The citizens have approved advance funding of the projects by the use of bonds. A low interest loan along with pay-as-you-go approach is being implemented to raise funds for quicker completion of tasks. The interest rate for this loan is being maintained below 4%. This interest rate over the life of Vision 2025 will save construction cost significantly as it is much lesser than the cost of average construction inflation in the Tulsa market.

3)     A procedure has been put in place to spend the overages very judiciously in the projects approved by the citizens in the proportions of requirements of each project.

These are a few of the very interesting facts about Vision 2025 of Tulsa County. One can have the complete details from the website which is being updated with information from time to time.


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