Travel Agents vs Travel Consultants

In a recent poll, it was shown that most people do not know the difference between Travel Agents and Travel Consultants. So whether you’re looking at Oklahoma Lake Property for a permanent home or a vacation spot, this article may help you plan your next trip.


A Travel Agent is an individual who helps books hotels, flights, and reservations. They have fantastic knowledge on discounts and each company that deals with these sorts of reservations. Travel agents can usually get you the best deals and make sure that your trip goes smoothly. They take care of all the booking information so you don’t have to and can get you basic information on the most popular attractions in the area. Basically they act as a major connivence for you in the stressful time of trying to get a vacation together.


A Travel Consultant however, is quite different. They also can help you book your hotels, flights and reservations but they might not have as much extensive knowledge of this subject as travel agents. Instead their expertise is what to do when you get there. They can explain the most popular attractions as well as the ones that aren’t as popular but are more tailored towards you. Instead of having a very generalized knowledge of many places, travel consultants usually specialize in just a few areas. These areas they have most likely visited extensively and therefore have a first hand account of the different venues in the area.


So although very different, each of these travel convinces can be a great help in your next vacation. Specializing in their different ways, there is no way to tell which one can be more helpful for the generalized public, it is up to your family to decide which is more beneficial. Or pick both and make sure your vacation is once in a lifetime.


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