Strapped for Cash with Vacation Coming? Why not Try Camping!

Most of us would agree that being outdoors and amidst the nature unwinds and relaxes us from the daily rat race that goes on everyday in our lives. Research has shown that the human mind tries to connect with nature in a subconscious manner by being near plants and trees, wilderness and seas, and even while interacting with their pets. Camping is one such activity that serves as a recreation, while taking us closer to nature, and providing a new experience every time. The benefits of camping are several-fold, some of which are listed below:


Bonding with friends and family: Camping is one of the favorite activities for all age groups – children, teenagers and adults alike, and thus there is no better occasion that provides you the opportunity to deepen your bonding with your family members or friends. People who are busy throughout the week with their work and get less or no time to spend with their families can opt for a camping expedition and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Skiatook Lake

Entertainment: There are a host of activities that one could indulge in to spend time with family while camping. This is one of the biggest benefits of camping. One could go fishing, swimming, have a barbecue setup, play camping games, or simply relax while sitting around a bonfire. Activities like stargazing, trekking etc are attractive options, too!


Quick, Cost effective Option: One of the most significant benefits of camping is that one does not need much time to prepare for the camping trip, and the expensive part of travel by air and stay at hotels can be completely ruled out. Just invest in some good, re-usable camping equipment, and you are ready to start. You can even borrow equipment or join another group and split the costs. This is a very effective way of saving money this summer for your family’s vacation.


Close Encounters with Nature – Nature lovers can revel in the beauty of nature while camping amidst the peaceful and magnificent outdoors. Although there are many misconceptions about the living conditions while camping, there are many provisions that can be so that everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Since the area around Skiatook Lake is designed for the hunting seasons, it is not uncommon to see wild animals around. You should be careful when coming across an animal, but also take the time to really see them in their natural environment; it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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