The Town

The city of Skiatook is located in Osage, in the state of Oklahoma. Situated in the northeastern part of the state, it is a suburb of Tulsa, thanks to the structure of main roads within the 1920’s which helped to link Skiatook to other neighboring areas.

Since its establishment, Skiatook has grown steadily, really it can be pinpointed to the production of the first Skiatook Post Office back in the 1880’s. This was soon followed by the Skiatook Bank which was later renamed the First National Bank in 1904, helping to start the overall structure of this new town. Also in 1904, the town witnessed the structure of the Midland Valley Railroad which was built throughout the area; and the town’s first newspaper was published, The Skiatook Sentinel, which is now recognized as the Skiatook Journal. Once the town’s first major, A.E Townsend was appointed to monitor the town, residents of Skiatook reaped the benefits of new conveniences such as natural gas and public telephone boxes.

Soon after this time, the town received further expansion with the construction of permanent roads, bridges and schools throughout the area which helped to encourage growth in the town’s population. During this time, the residents did not yet have a place to worship with congregations meeting at various homes and places of businesses. This was corrected in 1907 with the town’s first church. Throughout the 1900’s, the city continued to thrive with various improvements made in regards to their water, sewer and electrical services. During the 1960’s, this was bettered thanks to the authorization of a dam and lake to be built within Skiatook. By 1984 the town had its source of water and Skiatook Lake was established.

In modern times, it is clear to see how the town has evolved from its early beginnings and has now been acknowledged as a tranquil town, filled with recreation and breathtaking scenery. The town’s high school team has a strong sporting reputation, with Skiatook High School’s softball team winning the state championship in 2001. During this same year, the boys basketball team achieved the highest record in Skiatook High School history, being offered the chance to play in the first and only State Tournament in Skiatook High School’s history. The town boasts a wide range of recreational opportunities, such as Osage Park, Smith Park and Skiatook Sports Park. There are also a number of locations in which to enjoy tennis, golf and shooting. Due to the town’s love of sports and recreation, there are a number of sports teams – both little league and adult league.

One of the town’s most notorious landmarks is Skiatook Lake. Since its establishment, it has become a place of recreation and wildlife maintenance; as well as acting as a water source for the town. The lake’s exceptional shoreline is emphasized by the idyllic bluffs which provide mesmerizing views. Thanks to the scale of the lake and its surrounding environment, Skiatook Lake is a popular location for boating, swimming, fishing and picnicking.

Moving away from the naturist aspects of Skiatook, the town boasts an historical downtown area which houses a number of stores, art galleries, bars, a bakery and a music store that holds live music events. In the past, downtown Skiatook played host to the Pioneer Day festival which witnessed huge crowds. However, due to the sheer volume of attendees, this parade is no longer feasible due to the traffic congestion caused by the blocking of roads.

Since its establishment, Skiatook has remained true to its village roots, maintaining the characteristics that made it so charming and unique. Thanks to its mixture of history and breathtaking views, it is an exquisite place to be- whether you are a local or a simple tourist.

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