The Community

The town of Skiatook is located in Osage County, in the Tulsa metro area and is known by many as the Gateway to the Osage. The town is instantly recognizable by its rolling wooded hills, the Skiatook Lake, and one of the vast expanses of grass prairie in the country. It is thought that the town was founded by William C. Rogers in 1872 when he established a trading post in the Cherokee Nation. The town’s name is thought to have originated from the Osage Indian, Skiatooka, who was a frequent trader at this post.

Since its early beginnings in the late 1800’s, the town has grown dramatically. Statistics have shown that over the last three decades the population has experienced at least a 35% increase per decade. Today the population of Skiatook and the surrounding areas stands at an estimated 13,000.

The residents of Skiatook enjoy the best of both worlds being only minutes away from downtown Tulsa and Bartlesville and within 5 minutes of Skiatook Lake. The recreational lake is incredibly scenic and offers a range of different activities for residents and visitors to enjoy including fishing, hunting, skiing, sailing and swimming. Skiatook Lake is surrounded by the picturesque rolling hills of Blackjack and Post Oak making it a perfect tourism hot spot. Here you can enjoy fantastic views and relax in the tranquil surroundings.

Skiatook is a great community to bring up a family as it has some of the finest schools in the area. In this town, schools are an integral part of the community. For example, Skiatook High School has grown from around 500 students to over 750 in the last ten years. In the community education is very important and success is encouraged throughout the system.

Skiatook also has some great churches, businesses and civic organizations. In fact, Skiatook has everything that your average resident could want! There is always plenty to do here whether you enjoy sporting activities or more cultural past times. If you are into your sport then there are a number of parks to choose from including Osage Park, John Zink Park and the Skiatook Sports Park to name a few. The town offers soccer fields, tennis courts, golf courses and a driving and shooting range to keep you entertained.

If you want something more cultural then why not visit the Skiatook Museum. This is located in downtown Skiatook and depicts the history of the small town. Here you will find mementos, scrapbooks, pictures and letters that give an insight into how the town has developed over the years.

The downtown area of Skiatook is historical in itself with a wide range of stores, specialty shops, art galleries and an old-fashioned drug store. The town is also host to a number of events throughout the year. These events unite the entire community all of which take part and enjoy the parade, great entertainment, chili cook-off, tractor show and even a rodeo! The town also hosts the “Fantasy in the Sky” Fourth of July celebration, The Parade and the Bluegrass Festival.

Skiatook offers its residents and visitors all the convenience of living in a big city but with the charm, friendliness and comfort of a small town. Skiatook literally offers the best of both worlds!

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