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Fishing Guides Compared in Skiatook Lake Area

A favorite pastime in Skiatook shared by both locals and vacationers alike is fishing on the pristine Skiatook lake. Largemouth bass, black and white crappie, channel catfish, and several species of sunfish, or lake perch are what you should come to expect in the crystal waters. Since fishing has become so popular over the last few years many fishing guides have sprung up over the area. Fishing guides provide the boat rentals, all the equipment associated with fishing and an esteemed knowledge of the area and fishing patterns. Because of this, even people with little knowledge can enjoy a day of fishing on the lake. A pretty good set up, especially since most vacationers are not highly educated on Skiatook fishing dos and don’ts. Fish On is one of these guides.

Fish On’s Owner, David,  heads his organization with a Christian attitude and an extensive history. His prices are comparable to the half a dozen or so other fishing guides in the area, but he also carriers a guarantee in case you run into one the the “excuses for not catching any fish” as he points out on his website, as well as a discount for children under the age of 12.

Sporting the exact same price range is another local fishing guide by the name of Larry. Larry’s Hook Line and Sinker Guide Service offers a family owned and operated business with beaming testimonials to back up their services. Their website has everything you will need to know about the types of fish you can expect to catch, but this service does not mention a guarantee. And last but certainly not least is, Weekend Duty.

Weekend Duty presents their services for the same price range as the other two,  and as with Fish On, Weekend Duty offers a “no catch” guarantee that allows you to come back and try again as well as a discount for children. You can get all the latest fishing conditions and reports on their website, In any fishing service you choose, you are sure to receive a one of a kind fishing experience sure to create memories lasting a lifetime. It is important to note that to be able to fish in Oklahoma, you are required to purchase a license. These licenses can range from $5-$40 depending on the length of time they are valid (3 days- an entire year) and whether you are an Oklahoma resident. So get some friends or family together and have a great day out on the lake, see you there!

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