Native American culture is alive and well in Skiatook

Outlaws, Rodeos, Wild West shows and Cowboys! Do these words ring a bell in your mind? People who are aware of the Native American culture would surely know what these are.

What will amaze you is that this Native American culture is still alive in Skiatook Oklahoma and the people of the state are striving hard to keep the culture intact without letting it die in the name of modernization. Apart from Skiatook Oklahoma, the neighboring Osage countries too are still in love with the Native American culture and wherever you go, you can feel the culture all around. In fact the name Skiatook comes from a man named Skiatook who was a leader in the olden days and his entire community was known as Skiatook community. He too was a Native American.

Several hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans occupied various parts of Oklahoma and they made up 90% of the entire population in the state. This land has many cattle trails and that’s how the cowboys came into light. Thus, producing the cowboys and Indians era. Even today, Skiatook Oklahoma is known for its thriving livestock and the lands for grazing.

The Mullhall Ranch, Miller 101 Ranch and the Pawnee Bill Ranch of Skiatook Oklahoma led to many Wild West shows and the first of these shows date back to the 1900’s. The Pawnee Bill Ranch still houses many memorabilia and other relics pertaining to the Native American culture and it has been developed into a museum that is open for the public. There is also a Healing Rock and a Native American reservation in Skiatook, which serves to remind the residents every day of their heritage.

The tourism department is always on its toes in developing and maintaining the Native American culture in Skiatook Oklahoma. Plenty of museums and organizations have been built to preserve the culture and even school children are taught about the history of the state. The Museum of Red River located in Idabel has a huge range of Native collections and you can find artifacts belonging to North and South America. The Caddoan Pottery that dates back to 700 AD can also be found in this museum. Similarly, the Spiro Mounds Archeological Park in Spiro has 12 prehistoric mounds that belong to the Native Americans. They are the only evidence that prove Native American inhabitation in Skiatook Oklahoma before civilization. Guided tours are available in all the museums and parks and the guides will help you in knowing more about the Native American culture.

Skiatook Oklahoma might have changed a lot along with time and might boast of high schools, colleges, universities, medical centers and internet cafes but the Native American culture is still alive and will continue for many years to come.


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