Native American culture is alive and well in Skiatook

Outlaws, Rodeos, Wild West shows and Cowboys! Do these words ring a bell in your mind? People who are aware of the Native American culture would surely know what these are.

What will amaze you is that this Native American culture is still alive in Skiatook Oklahoma and the people of the state are striving hard to keep the culture intact without letting it die in the name of modernization. Apart from Skiatook Oklahoma, the neighboring Osage countries too are still in love with the Native American culture and wherever you go, you can feel the culture all around. In fact the name Skiatook comes from a man named Skiatook who was a leader in the olden days and his entire community was known as Skiatook community. He too was a Native American.

Several hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans occupied various parts of Oklahoma and they made up 90% of the entire population in the state. This land has many cattle trails and that’s how the cowboys came into light. Thus, producing the cowboys and Indians era. Even today, Skiatook Oklahoma is known for its thriving livestock and the lands for grazing.

The Mullhall Ranch, Miller 101 Ranch and the Pawnee Bill Ranch of Skiatook Oklahoma led to many Wild West shows and the first of these shows date back to the 1900’s. The Pawnee Bill Ranch still houses many memorabilia and other relics pertaining to the Native American culture and it has been developed into a museum that is open for the public. There is also a Healing Rock and a Native American reservation in Skiatook, which serves to remind the residents every day of their heritage.

The tourism department is always on its toes in developing and maintaining the Native American culture in Skiatook Oklahoma. Plenty of museums and organizations have been built to preserve the culture and even school children are taught about the history of the state. The Museum of Red River located in Idabel has a huge range of Native collections and you can find artifacts belonging to North and South America. The Caddoan Pottery that dates back to 700 AD can also be found in this museum. Similarly, the Spiro Mounds Archeological Park in Spiro has 12 prehistoric mounds that belong to the Native Americans. They are the only evidence that prove Native American inhabitation in Skiatook Oklahoma before civilization. Guided tours are available in all the museums and parks and the guides will help you in knowing more about the Native American culture.

Skiatook Oklahoma might have changed a lot along with time and might boast of high schools, colleges, universities, medical centers and internet cafes but the Native American culture is still alive and will continue for many years to come.


Vision 2025, a look into the future of Osage County

A fantastic project that has gone into effect in Tulsa and the surrounding areas is Vision 2025. Vision 2025 is a great plan chalked out for the development of Tulsa in the coming years by the citizens of the Osage and Tulsa County. The Majority of people voted positively for Vision 2025 showing their contribution for a better environment for the future generations in Tulsa.

The voters of Tulsa County approved a one penny 13 year increase in the Sales Tax. This would be utilized for regional economic development and capital improvements. It is because of this great cause, it is named as “Vision 2025: Foresight for greater Tulsa”. The purpose of Vision 2025 is to develop economic and community infrastructure for future generations. Vision 2025 is being executed by the Tulsa County’s Board of county commissioners. It is evident that a lot of effort and thought has gone behind this project and today the progress of various projects undertaken under Vision 2025 is quite impressive.

There are various propositions that have been mentioned in Vision 2025 and are being executed today. The Boeing incentives, the American Airlines incentive, Economic development, education, health care and events facilities, capital improvements, community enrichment, etc. are placed in four different proposals under Vision 2025. Apart from these, the Arena and convention center project is also being taken up under the Vision 2025. One would be surprised at the rate at which these projects are being completed today. The voters who voted for these proposals are really happy with the speed with which these developmental programs are being taken up and are being executed.

All the programs being undertaken under the Vision 2025 are approved by the citizens through a voting process. This is one very interesting and impressive aspect to show the real democracy of the area. Once approved, the specially appointed Board of County commissioners are executing these programs. There are a few interesting aspects of Vision 2025 which can be discussed as below:

1)     The improvements of the programs undertaken, income and expenditure are informed to the public through a website. This ensures 100% transparency and genuine utilization of funds received.

2)     The citizens have approved advance funding of the projects by the use of bonds. A low interest loan along with pay-as-you-go approach is being implemented to raise funds for quicker completion of tasks. The interest rate for this loan is being maintained below 4%. This interest rate over the life of Vision 2025 will save construction cost significantly as it is much lesser than the cost of average construction inflation in the Tulsa market.

3)     A procedure has been put in place to spend the overages very judiciously in the projects approved by the citizens in the proportions of requirements of each project.

These are a few of the very interesting facts about Vision 2025 of Tulsa County. One can have the complete details from the website which is being updated with information from time to time.


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Strapped for Cash with Vacation Coming? Why not Try Camping!

Most of us would agree that being outdoors and amidst the nature unwinds and relaxes us from the daily rat race that goes on everyday in our lives. Research has shown that the human mind tries to connect with nature in a subconscious manner by being near plants and trees, wilderness and seas, and even while interacting with their pets. Camping is one such activity that serves as a recreation, while taking us closer to nature, and providing a new experience every time. The benefits of camping are several-fold, some of which are listed below:


Bonding with friends and family: Camping is one of the favorite activities for all age groups – children, teenagers and adults alike, and thus there is no better occasion that provides you the opportunity to deepen your bonding with your family members or friends. People who are busy throughout the week with their work and get less or no time to spend with their families can opt for a camping expedition and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Skiatook Lake

Entertainment: There are a host of activities that one could indulge in to spend time with family while camping. This is one of the biggest benefits of camping. One could go fishing, swimming, have a barbecue setup, play camping games, or simply relax while sitting around a bonfire. Activities like stargazing, trekking etc are attractive options, too!


Quick, Cost effective Option: One of the most significant benefits of camping is that one does not need much time to prepare for the camping trip, and the expensive part of travel by air and stay at hotels can be completely ruled out. Just invest in some good, re-usable camping equipment, and you are ready to start. You can even borrow equipment or join another group and split the costs. This is a very effective way of saving money this summer for your family’s vacation.


Close Encounters with Nature – Nature lovers can revel in the beauty of nature while camping amidst the peaceful and magnificent outdoors. Although there are many misconceptions about the living conditions while camping, there are many provisions that can be so that everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Since the area around Skiatook Lake is designed for the hunting seasons, it is not uncommon to see wild animals around. You should be careful when coming across an animal, but also take the time to really see them in their natural environment; it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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Travel Agents vs Travel Consultants

In a recent poll, it was shown that most people do not know the difference between Travel Agents and Travel Consultants. So whether you’re looking at Oklahoma Lake Property for a permanent home or a vacation spot, this article may help you plan your next trip.


A Travel Agent is an individual who helps books hotels, flights, and reservations. They have fantastic knowledge on discounts and each company that deals with these sorts of reservations. Travel agents can usually get you the best deals and make sure that your trip goes smoothly. They take care of all the booking information so you don’t have to and can get you basic information on the most popular attractions in the area. Basically they act as a major connivence for you in the stressful time of trying to get a vacation together.


A Travel Consultant however, is quite different. They also can help you book your hotels, flights and reservations but they might not have as much extensive knowledge of this subject as travel agents. Instead their expertise is what to do when you get there. They can explain the most popular attractions as well as the ones that aren’t as popular but are more tailored towards you. Instead of having a very generalized knowledge of many places, travel consultants usually specialize in just a few areas. These areas they have most likely visited extensively and therefore have a first hand account of the different venues in the area.


So although very different, each of these travel convinces can be a great help in your next vacation. Specializing in their different ways, there is no way to tell which one can be more helpful for the generalized public, it is up to your family to decide which is more beneficial. Or pick both and make sure your vacation is once in a lifetime.


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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Safe on the Lake

Everyone loves to enjoy a relaxing day on the water, especially on Lake Skiatook. Drink in hand, sunscreen on and music playing gently in the background as you soak in the summer sun. You may even choose to take a dip in the water. Although this pastime has the family friendly reputation, water and boat safety is not something to be taken lightly. Before you go out on the water, make sure you keep these 10 things in mind. Continue reading 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Safe on the Lake

Need a Fishing Guide? We Have You Covered

Fishing Guides Compared in Skiatook Lake Area

A favorite pastime in Skiatook shared by both locals and vacationers alike is fishing on the pristine Skiatook lake. Largemouth bass, black and white crappie, channel catfish, and several species of sunfish, or lake perch are what you should come to expect in the crystal waters. Since fishing has become so popular over the last few years many fishing guides have sprung up over the area. Fishing guides provide the boat rentals, all the equipment associated with fishing and an esteemed knowledge of the area and fishing patterns. Because of this, even people with little knowledge can enjoy a day of fishing on the lake. A pretty good set up, especially since most vacationers are not highly educated on Skiatook fishing dos and don’ts. Fish On is one of these guides.

Fish On’s Owner, David,  heads his organization with a Christian attitude and an extensive history. His prices are comparable to the half a dozen or so other fishing guides in the area, but he also carriers a guarantee in case you run into one the the “excuses for not catching any fish” as he points out on his website, as well as a discount for children under the age of 12.

Sporting the exact same price range is another local fishing guide by the name of Larry. Larry’s Hook Line and Sinker Guide Service offers a family owned and operated business with beaming testimonials to back up their services. Their website has everything you will need to know about the types of fish you can expect to catch, but this service does not mention a guarantee. And last but certainly not least is, Weekend Duty.

Weekend Duty presents their services for the same price range as the other two,  and as with Fish On, Weekend Duty offers a “no catch” guarantee that allows you to come back and try again as well as a discount for children. You can get all the latest fishing conditions and reports on their website, In any fishing service you choose, you are sure to receive a one of a kind fishing experience sure to create memories lasting a lifetime. It is important to note that to be able to fish in Oklahoma, you are required to purchase a license. These licenses can range from $5-$40 depending on the length of time they are valid (3 days- an entire year) and whether you are an Oklahoma resident. So get some friends or family together and have a great day out on the lake, see you there!

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Skiatook Welcomes Brand New Addition

Skiatook’s park, The Central Park, is now complete. This park promises an increase in tourism because of it’s premiere location and trendy features such as free wi-fi to park visitors. Below is the story as it appeared on the local news station’s website,  The News on 6.

By Craig Day, The News On 6

SKIATOOK, Oklahoma — Construction crews are in the home stretch on a new multi-million dollar project in Green Country. They’re building a new park which will be the crown at the top of the Osage Trail, a rails-to-trails bike path stretching from Tulsa to Skiatook.

From across the street at their parents’ house, sisters Janet, Patty and Shirley, are watching progress being made on a new city park in Skiatook.

“My dad has lakefront property now, yes,” said Skiatook resident Shirley Hutchinson, referring to the nearby pond feature.

Like many, they’re thrilled about the new park and what it will mean for the community, especially children.

“My parents have a total of six grand kids, 20 great grand kids, and one great-great grandson, who is absolutely going to enjoy this park,” said Janet Underwood of Skiatook.

Construction on Skiatook’s new $2 million Central Park is in its final phase. It includes a new playground equipment, a splash pad, walking trails, restrooms, a beautiful pond and fountain, plus much more.

“We still have to do roads; we still have to do water and sewer lines, but parks are still a big benefit to the community. Quality of life kind of issue,” said town administrator Martin Tucker.

Tucker says the property was along an old railroad right-of-way. It’s location just off Highway 20 through town – and at the end of the Osage bike Trail which is linked to Tulsa – makes it the ideal spot.

“This will really be the most visible spot on the trail,” said Martin Tucker, town administrator.

“We needed something like this for a long time,” said Patty Ceska, Skiatook resident.

Most of the money to pay for the park comes from a third-penny sales tax for capital improvements, with state transportation department and community development block grants thrown in. Also helping is $150,000 in Vision 2025 county tax funds.

For the rest of the story and others visit The News on 6 on the web


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